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    Don Allen

    So, what did the tooth fairy bring?


    A five dollar first tooth bonus? (The tooth fairy wasn't carrying singles that night.)gs

    Don Allen

    No need to put a question mark at the end of the statement - I'm sure that's what the tooth fairy brought. Remember that the first time sets the precedent; fives will be expected from here on out! While you're at it, enjoy the fun, excitement, suspense, and delight that being/playing the tooth fairy can bring. Do we get to see pictures of a smile with missing teeth?

    Jenna Schrock

    You should take a picture of the historical moment. Or better yet, saved the tooth. I'm sure he'll be amazed that you kept his first tooth all these years, haha. He may do the same thing to his kids.

    Calandra Janocha

    There should have been photos or a video for him to remember the first tooth he lost. How is he now? I bet he's tall now and busy with school.


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