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    Way cool. Check out

    I nearly pooped in my pants the first couple of times I saw it!

    Salty Sealion

    I liked the site you mentioned earlier. Thank you for suggesting it. It was very interesting and entertaining. Have a good night, Gina.


    check this out!

    Subliminal Sam

    This has become my fav site. I was able to solve most of their puzzles, but got stuck on the one in which the 12 men cut themselves in half to become 13. That's really neat and I have lost much sleep over it. Thanks for mentioning it.


    Awesome awesome awesome site. Yowza.

    I have been going to http://www.SubliminalMessages.Com since I first read one of the above posts. Still not finished. I think I have done over 200 screens now and still have what seems to be an infinite number of pages left. Each one gets cooler and cooler. Boredom no longer exists in our frat house apartment. Go Apes.

    Amy Lynn

    Agh! My eyes won't stop screaming!!! Make it stop, make it stop! Very kool site!

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