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    I LOVE this song!!!!

    They must have played "I Do the Rock" on April 19 because Tim Curry turned 60 that day...


    Thank you SO much for posting those lyrics -- I have not had the chance to hear that song or anything even close to that for the last 27 years!!!! THANK YOU :-)

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    When in rock history where you could start your rock career?
    If I can choose which era in rock history so that I could start my rock career, I would have belonged in the British Invasion period of the 1960s when bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Who gained popularity. Being the John Lennon/Mick Jagger/Roger Daltrey type of leader of the group, I would shape rock history with concept albums, psychedelia, and rebellious music.

    What about you? When in rock history where you could start your rock career? Why?

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    What is a good book of poetry I should get someone as a gift?
    I myself, unfortunately, am not big into poetry but my sister very much is. She likes inspirational, deep meaning type poetry and/or quotes. Does anybody recommend any good authors or complete books of poetry that would be good as a christmas present? Please be specific.

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    How does writing, art, music, poetry and drama help children with verbal communication?
    I have to do research how writing, art, music, poetry and dram help children with speaking (verbal communication). I already have a few for music, poetry and art but I'm clueless with the rest. Please, I would like to know how the rest help kids with talking. Thanks a lot! :)

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    the link for literary analysis of i do the rock is broken

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