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    Recently I saw Apocalypse Now and The Deer Hunter for the first time in my life. These films give a really good picture of what war is actually like in terms of psychological damage. At this point I think most Americans no longer support this war. And as these soldiers come back mentally and physically shattered {so many with missing limbs and brain injuries that would not have survived in previous wars}...I think that as a country we have not even begun to get the bill for this war.
    Never mind the astronomical financial cost {money that could be spent on education and infrastructure for our own population}. Never mind the politics {did Iraq actually have anything at all to do with the Twin Towers}. I'll say it...Bush is a fucking terrorist. Sorry for the bad language.
    More than anything, I really think the media has played a huge role in perpetuating this disaster. Though they have, for the most part, become more critical of President Un-Elect the beginning they were unquestioning. And they honored the government black out regarding front line reporting. Had Americans really been able to see what war is {not a video game, not a bunch of stats} we might not be here now.

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