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    Thomas Han

    Good to see that someone (UCSD) actually shored up the $$$ to setup Cisco's TelePresence.

    Yeah, Steve certainly worked in his little jab at the D. But still, my favorite part is when he cuts Bill off with the "Bill.. Bill.. let me tell that story"

    Thx for the what's ahead videos, keep up the good work =)

    Joe Tangredi

    Way to go, University of San Diego! I'm an alum. Thanks, Gina, for this coverage.

    Joe Tangredi

    BTW, Thomas H., that's USD (the Catholic school with the campus that looks like a big Spanish mission, overlooking Mission Bay Park and SeaWorld) -- not UCSD (the Univ. of California school up in La Jolla.) Seems kind of incongruous because UCSD always had the much better reputation for IT.

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