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    Joe Tangredi

    Didn't Sen. John Edwards say something about this technology in yesterday's YouTube debate? Someone asked if he favored building nuclear reactors, and he said no, and then went on to rattle off (very fast) a list of technologies he preferred. I guess this could also be used to trap carbon residue from power plants, and cycle it back to create fuel. I believe Edwards mentioned something like this, involving algae, in passing, but like most candidates struggling with limited time allotted for answers, he sped through it and assumed we all knew what the h*ll he was talking about!

    By the way, I'm not sure if I agree with Edwards on nuclear energy -- he said we shouldn't build any more reactors. No, the technology can't be made 100% safe, but it can be made darn close. Also, France is still builidng nuclear power plants and they haven't had an accident -- much of France is powered by nuke plants. And I think I heard that China plans to build 300 (!!!) new nuclear plants. Edwards gave the high cost of building nuclear plants as an argument against them; I think the fact that they burn clean, without hydrocarbon emissions, is their big advantage. Global warming is the crisis of our time, and whatever can slow or stop global warming is a good thing in my book. I think we have to get away from the alarmist, "no nukes" mentality of the 70s. That's simplistic, sensationalistic, passe', and a bit corny if you ask me, and it has actually contributed to the climate change crisis we now face.

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