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    Each search generates revenue for Oxfam and other charities.


    ...also, there is black background Google{in blogform}, it can do advanced search, etc., which blackle can't.


    I prefer using as their text are green which reduce eye strain. So instead of saving energy from our monitor, it also save our user’s eye energy.


    It saves no energy if you're using an LCD screen, in which the fluorescent backlight is constantly on.

    In fact, more energy is expended to achieve the black, as that means _energizing_ the crystals to obscure the backlight (kinda' like drawing the shades on a window - the sun's still shining out there).

    It's a severely misleading idea that is made more misleading when the details and facts are distilled and blurred through the blogosphere (and chain e-mails, which is how I came to know about it). Check it:

    If you own an LCD (which I'm guessing most bloggers happen to), then just turn down your brightness to save energy. Otherwise, the idea does pan out for the CRT users amongst us (though if you really cared, save up for an LCD for a significant energy savings).


    It's been discussed time and time again, a black search portal offers very little in the way of power saving overall. All this site does is generate revenue for it's owners which is put to no good use at all.

    As an alternative search portal try -

    Any profits from using this portal are actually put back into environmental projects to cancel out a portion of energy etc that is consumed.

    Hey it's a start, and every little bit counts in my opinion

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