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    I wouldn't say that most of the exam is overly hard just we're taught different things with less time because we have to learn alot more. I think I could pass the geography section, and History section with relative ease, but as for the Grammer and Orthography section I'd have alot of trouble(I'm not very good with languages, never have been even by today's standard I'm sub-par). The Mathematics' section is ridiculous because for one it is dealing with farming, in large part, which only 2% of American's need to do since the Green Revolution, and two because the math that isn't dealing with farming is simple 5th grade level dealing with interest and

    I'd say that if you could have a relatively educated person now and one then in an absolute test . . . today's would win simply because of the amount we're required to learn now . . .

    Someone who's not impressed

    We've become more "specialized" these days. I think for "appreciation" it would be nice to know all that. And, according to Erickson/Piaget theory, that's a time for being pre-teenager, not a non-natural genius. For eg., as a nurse, do i really have to know "Of what use are rivers? Of what use is the ocean?" Probably not. Maybe when i retire and have "leisure" time, I'd study all that... but FOR FUN!!

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