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    Greg Bray

    I call FUD!

    1. Users already have the option to disable history.

    2. You have no facts backing up this statement. If anyone can scale the service it would be Microsoft, as they currently run many services that operate with tens or hundreds of millions of users (Live Messenger, Bing, Xbox live,...)

    3. Again... nothing to back this statement. Pure speculation.

    4. Yes, I believe it. MSN, Bing, Windows Live Essentials, Visual Studio Express, Xbox Live... all free software or services. Also, see above.

    5. Has nothing to do with Microsoft buying Skype. If anything the webcast showed that they were planning on opening the Skype protocol to work with other Microsoft VOIP platforms like Lync and Live Messenger. Microsoft also has a history of working very well with 3rd party developers to expand their platforms. We'd all love a VOIP standard protocol, but I don't see how this deal prevents that in any way shape or form.

    This post seems to be a bit of a knee jerk reaction, and is not based on any level of research. Microsoft is buying Skype for better access to their already established user base and for their great branding. I look forward to seeing Skype flourish both inside and outside of the Microsoft ecosystem.

    Greg Bray

    I'm sorry if the last comment was a bit harsh, but I've seen your work on the TWIT network and expected a bit more. I'm also tired of people hating on Microsoft just because they are Microsoft. You asked what good could come out of the deal, so here are my two cents:

    1. More platforms. Skype has done well in this regard, but there is always room for improvement. As mentioned in the webcast, Skype on Xbox with Kinect would make an excellent home video conferencing service. I'd also like to see better integration with other IM services (MSN would be a great start), and a WP7 client would be a great addition to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

    2. Also I have to disagree with you that an IPO would have been better for customers than adding the company as a new division of Microsoft. When a company IPOs they have to start showing growth and returns for shareholders, often leading to increases in pricing or advertisements. With Microsoft, there is value in cross promoting and integrating other services, giving less of a push for increasing Skype's bottom line.

    I will give you credit for not crying wolf on the demise of iOS/Android and other non-Microsoft clients. This rumor is being viciously spread by other blogs/comments when both Microsoft and Skype have made it clear that this would NOT be the case.

    Descargar Windows Live Messenger

    Well, it's about time Microsoft got a communication tool other than Windows Live Messenger.

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