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    A list of names posted up of official actual strength: Showing tremendous enthusiasm of spur to lead 12 lakes person rises the 3rd rocket to 16
    Time of Beijing of sina sports dispatch on Feburary 12, NBAgain]The government published pop chart of actual strength of newest first phase today. Before 3 do not have any change, spur still ranks Shengandongniao after head of a list of names posted up, close therewith is Russian carat carry on one's shoulder Ma Chenglei thunderbolt and showing tremendous enthusiasm of Miami of the champion that defend crowngain]. Cease Si Duihuo arrow is successive two period the rank rises come to the 12nd, and person of los angeles lakegain]The team is discharged as before in actual strength a list of names posted up the 16th.
    1. emperor Anthony abstruse spur
    Military successes: 40 get the better of 12 negative rhythm: 107.3 (4) of 96.4 (7) aggression defends 98.4 (3) is gotten the better of completely + 8.9 (2)
    The Lian Shengji of spur team is recorded in Detroit by terminative, but their Zhou Yi obtains sports season in Bulukelin the 40th get the better of. This won't affect Boboweiji possibly to compare the cautious attitude of benefit injury to Deng Ken and Ji Nuo, they are in complete star continues before on the weekend armistice, do not feel accident please. On the other hand, handkerchief gramgain]Condition is fervent.
    Thunderbolt of horse of carry on one's shoulder of 2. Russia carat
    Military successes: 39 get the better of 12 negative rhythm: 110.3 (1) of 96.0 (8) aggression defends 99.3 (5) is gotten the better of completely + 11.0 (1)
    Thunderbolt team restores to get the better of mode repeatedly, in Zhou Yi they let the sun get 69 minutes only, they from the 2nd week since first the cavalcade of before regain defends 5. This is a very good time, because of them Zhou Wu can encounter showing tremendous enthusiasm of the champion that defend crown again. This is equivalent to total final the 2nd repeat, they invite group of showing tremendous enthusiasm in 5 matches of total final every 100 bouts get 112 minutes.
    3. Miami showing tremendous enthusiasm
    Military successes: 34 get the better of 14 negative rhythm: 109.9 (2) of 93.1 (21) aggression defends 101.6 (12) is gotten the better of completely + 8.2 (3)
    Le Bulang condition beautiful, in team 5 his field all gets 6.8 31 cent, backboard and 6 secondary attack in Liansheng, 77 cast 55 in (of 71% hit the target rate) . Since him cast off diffuse last week after the flu virus of bathhouse, he with respect to condition extraordinarily brave. Wei Degain]During this also perfectly, have 52% hit the target rate, all 6 24.8 cent, backboard and 5.8 secondary attack.
    4. Denver digs gold
    Military successes: 33 get the better of 19 negative rhythm: 106.1 (6) of 97.7 (2) aggression defends 101.9 (13) is gotten the better of completely + 4.3 (6)
    The brigade of the guest field of the team that dig gold had an in part only, but they had encountered very interesting situation. It is Qiandele above allgain]One is missed 3 minutes in the match of weekday and chivalric team, team of this concede points cannot accomplish 9 all players to notch on double. It is to be in next 3 Kaierte is defeated when adding in the match of person group, miller chooses to move 3 minutes to go below the circumstance with enough time vie, and he this sports season 3 minutes of balls only 41 cast 9 in (of 22% hit the target rate) .
    Flier of 5. los angelesgain]
    Military successes: 36 get the better of 17 negative rhythm: 105.7 (7) of 94.1 (15) aggression defends 99.4 (6) is gotten the better of completely + 6.4 (4)
    Cloth Lai heart alls alone last week Ao Lan a long time has 4 be a guest very excellent performance, get 6 27 cent, bank, grab 6 times cover a cap with 3, but as Paul reappear, he returned reserve banquet. Main effect had in the competition that the reserve battle array of flier team beats Ni Kesi group in Zhou Yiqiu team, bulaisuo is very active, feel of heart of the blessing that overcome fatigue beautiful, team of help of Hill criterion stayed in suppress of the moment of truth Anthony.
    6. indiana pedestrian
    Military successes: 31 get the better of 20 negative rhythm: 100.0 (24) of 92.3 (26) aggression defends 96.2 (1) is gotten the better of completely + 3.8 (7)
    It is perfect a week to pedestrian team. What in 2012-13 sports season carries back of a chair of back of a chair on the back exclusively is successive in 3 matches, their sweep anything away adversary, every night different player station comes out to lead team. Be opposite an ox team it is West (29 minutes of) , be opposite an eagle team it is George (29 minutes of) , in Philadelphia it is Xibaite (cent and 18 14 backboard) . But be opposite Saturday in the match of a fierce dragon team, they experienced rice to carve hour, the victory of team is mixed by Johnson Guy is terminative.
    7. Chicago ox
    Military successes: 30 get the better of 20 negative rhythm: 100.8 (18) of 92.1 (27) aggression defends 98.8 (4) is gotten the better of completely + 2.0 (10)
    The one battle that ox team loses pedestrian line may be this sports season most the score that makes a person unconventional, considering them before play a ball game means. Of ox team defend before unlike doughty in that way, the right leg the condition of an injury of Nuo A is very big to their influence. The departure of A Xi Ke also is the loss of team, xi Baidu must more A of Nuo of rely heavily on sb's service, he is right before resembling several years of Deng excessive like using up.
    Ni Kesi of 8. new York
    Military successes: 32 get the better of 17 negative rhythm: 108.9 (3) of 92.5 (24) aggression defends 102.9 (14) is gotten the better of completely + 6.0 (5)
    Anthony all gets cent and 8.3 34 bank in the field in 4 matches last week, but of Ni Kesi team defend do not restrict wonder and flier however. Part player also fails to produce the effect that they have in the place at the beginning of sports season. The likelihood is to expending Er to be short of suddenly blast during acted the part that accuses to defend too much, kyd is latter condition not beautiful, in the past 3 minutes of 15 balls in field 55 cast only 13 in.
    9. Meng Fei this grey bear
    Military successes: 32 get the better of 18 negative rhythm: 100.4 (21) of 91.8 (28) aggression defends 97.6 (2) is gotten the better of completely + 2.8 (8)
    A hair lineup with grey ursine new line in 74 minutes when come on the stage together efficiency is - 12 minutes, since Guy after trading, they were obtained only 3 get the better of 3 negative military successes. Saturday nevertheless they beat a brave and strong man, the team of before they let allied aggression rank 10 gets 37 minutes only in the second half. In the race that loses the sun in Zhou San, the expression of their the moment of truth is deadly, error appears 4 times unexpectedly in 3 minutes finally.
    10. is Bostonian Kaierte person
    Military successes: 27 get the better of 23 negative rhythm: 100.4 (22) of 93.7 (19) aggression defends 99.5 (7) is gotten the better of completely + 0.9 (12)
    In grand muchgain]After sports season submits an expense account, person group has obtained Kaierte 7 Lian Sheng, this included to defeat two very good team among them- - showing tremendous enthusiasm and dig gold, accordingly they are in groove. The attack of team is quite sharp, there are 6 in 7 victories nevertheless is to be in advocate, another still faces fierce dragon group. If super saler they want to 5 are in before impact of the eastpart part, so they are in with respect to need of finally of complete star week on the west him proof in coastal brigade.
    Trojan of 11. gold city
    Military successes: 30 get the better of 21 negative rhythm: 96.6(6) aggression 104.0(9) defends 103.2(16) is gotten the better of completely + 0.8(12)
    12. Houston rocket
    Military successes: 28 get the better of 25 negativeRhythm: 98.6(1) aggression: 106.7(5) defends 10404(21) is gotten the better of completely + 2.3(9)
    Rocket team has been in advocate obtain 4 Lian Sheng, and they also were defeated by 3 only in guest field. The 23 remembers 3 minutes Trojan lines that they challenge Zhou Er to ever was banged play peaceful NBA record 140 minutes by the rocket, back-to-back move sojourns in Zhou San team of flier of los angeles challenge.
    13: Bulukelin basket net
    Military successes: 29 get the better of 22 negative rhythm: 90.6(30) aggression: 103.4(12) defends: 103.6(18) gets the better of completely: - 0.3(15)
    14. still his knight
    Military successes: 26 get the better of 22 negative rhythm: 93.8(16) aggression 103.3(12) defends 104.7(23) is gotten the better of completely - 1.4(18)
    15 Mierwoji hart
    Military successes: 25 get the better of 24 negative rhythm: 97.4(3) attacks 99.9(26) to defend: 100.9(9) gets the better of completely: - 1.0(17)
    16: Person of los angeles lake
    Military successes: 24 get the better of 28 negative rhythm: 97.1(4) aggression: 105.0(8) defends 103.3(17) gets the better of completely: + 1.7(11)
    Los angeles in the sky sad atmosphere has become bored to death. Compare Gelaimei simply the poorest outfit is ugly still, so that make old father of Howard afflictive for Si Tan Fan Gandi. At least we still have gram of ell carat, since 19 before since entering a hair list continuously, he is average every 11.9 minutes 9.3 backboard, let him be in of summer pay got get one's own back.
    17: Atlanta eagle
    Military successes: 27 get the better of 22 negative rhythm: 93.8(17) aggression: 101.8(16) defends: 101.5(11) gets the better of completely: + 0.3(14)
    18: Dalasi calf
    Military successes: 22 get the better of 28 negative rhythm: 96.7(17) attacks 102.2(14) to defend: 104.1(20) gets the better of completely: - 2.0(19)
    19 Detroit piston
    Military successes: 20 get the better of 32 negative rhythm: 93.0(23) attacks 101.3(17) to defend: 103.6(19) gets the better of completely: - 2.4(20)
    20 Portland trailblazer
    Military successes: 25 get the better of 26 negative rhythm: 93.6(20) aggression 102.3(13) defends 104.8(24) gets the better of completely: - 2.5(21)
    21 Philadelphia 76 people
    Military successes: 22 get the better of 93.0(22) of 27 negative rhythm to attack 98.8(28) to defend 101.5(10) is gotten the better of completely - 2.7(22)
    22 Toronto are fierce dragon
    Military successes: 19 get the better of 93.8(25) of 32 negative rhythm to attack 103.7(10) to defend 104.7(23) is gotten the better of completely - 1.0(16)
    23 Washington wonder
    Military successes: 14 get the better of 94.3(14) of 35 negative rhythm to attack 95.2(30) to defend 99.6(8) is gotten the better of completely - 4.5(24)
    24 grams Li Fulan's knight
    Military successes: 16 get the better of aggression of 95.2(9) of 35 negative rhythm: 100.7(19) defends 106.9(28) is gotten the better of completely - 6.1(27)
    Wasp of 25 new orleans
    Military successes: 17 get the better of 34 negative rhythm: 91.1(29) aggression 102.0(15) defends 106.7(27) is gotten the better of completely - 4.7(25)
    26 bright wolf of Ni Suda forest
    Military successes: 18 get the better of 94.5(12) of 30 negative rhythm to attack 100.2(23) to defend 103.0(15) is gotten the better of completely - 2.7(23)
    Door of 27 Sa carat holds abroad in the palm
    Military successes: 19 get the better of 95.0(10) of 33 negative rhythm to attack 100.7(20) to defend 108.2(29) is gotten the better of completely - 7.5(29)
    28 humble Buddhist nun overcomes Si Taiyang
    Military successes: 17 get the better of 94.9(11) of 35 negative rhythm to attack 99.0(27) to defend 105.2(26) is gotten the better of completely - 6.3(28)
    29 Orlando is magic
    Military successes: 15 get the better of 93.8(16) of 36 negative rhythm to attack 99.9(25) to defend 105.1(25) is gotten the better of completely - 5.2(26)
    30 summer the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is especially lyncean
    Military successes: 11 get the better of 39 negative rhythm: 94.5(13) aggression 98.2(29) defends 108.3(30) is gotten the better of completely - 10.1(30)
    (Mo Xuan)

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